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Re: Rumination on the new list idea, another take

tony mancill <tmancill@mancill.com> writes:

> Taken from c.o.l.a.:
>    "WWWThreads is a fast/reliable discussion forum licensed under the GNU
>    GPL.

[feature list elided]

> Isn't this almost exactly what we need?

Doesn't offer adaptive scoring or offline reading, which between them
are probably the two biggest advantages of newsreading in most
people's eyes.  Puts too much control in the server, and not enough in
the client.  Doesn't say about how it handles crossposting; I'm
betting it doesn't.  Almost certainly requires cookies, which some
people refuse to accept as a matter of principle.  Doesn't say if it
handles email replies, but probably doesn't handle the "Cc:" header.
Probably doesn't support "Followup-to:".  Sounds like it requires more
active administration than News does.  And, by being based on html,
it's probably noticably slower than nntp.

News is a mature and reliable technology; the nntp protocol was
designed for discussion groups, html wasn't, and isn't very good at
it, even at its best.

I'm not saying I reject this thing, because I haven't seen it.  I'm
just saying that I bet there's not a chance in a million that it will
meet our needs as well as nntp.

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