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Re: Data sets/cd's

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, John Travers wrote:

> Back in January there was talk of possible data sets, (astronomical, mapping etc
> etc.) What was the conclusion/current policy on this. I say this not as I have
> data, but as I would help packaging it, and certainly using it. (the
> astronomical). I have contacted  "Richard B. Kreckel"
> <kreckel@zino.physik.uni-mainz.de, the proposer of the astronomical data and he
> seems to be interested.
> Updates on the outcome or further views would be useful.

Let me just add some blurb to what John already said: The problem is that
there are interesting datasets of all kinds of things (astronomical,
maps, genome, ...). It's just another kind of software. As long as these
datasets are free and there is a program in Debian that uses them, it
seems more than natural to me that those sets should be included by SPI.
Back in January everybody agreed to this point of view in debian-mentors.
But the question remains where to put those beasts? They are large. What I
intend to pack is some 200MB and I am certainly not going to put it into
one of the distributions main, non-free or contrib because I don't want to
blow things up.

The idea was to create another distribution like data (and maybe
data-non-free) so that people not interested in it can easily skip it.
(Some CD resellers or weak mirrors e.g.) Any suggetions?

Richard Kreckel

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