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Re: cnews, inews, and nntp packages available

> :-) OK well unless somebody else volunteers, I'll give it a go.

Ok, let's wait a day, then you can have it.

> The bugs don't look too bad.

No, they aren't really bad, I just would have had no chance to test
what I'd change. 

> each day I get email from cron saying
> /etc/cron.daily/cnews:
> shell-init: could not get current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories

Seems like some permission problem (x access missing for some parent

> I meant to file a bug, guess I may have to fix it myself now. :-)

Yep :-) BTW, I'm going to file another wishlist bug about something
that should be done sometimes: nntp needs a libdbz.a (statically) which
is built from cnews. So you can build nntp only if you have a compiled
cnews tree in a sibling dir. This is some unfortunate constellation
for porting to different archs. The proper solution would be to make a
cnews-dev (or libdbz-dev) package from libdbz.a and its header so that
nntp can be built the "normal way" if cnews-dev installed.


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