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Re: base-files (2.1.6) - installs new directories

On 28 Apr 1999, Chris Waters wrote:

> Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:
> > base-files_2.1.5 had them, base-files_2.1.6 has not. I have just added
> > some extra code in preinst and postinst so that those directories are
> > created again if (and only if) they previously existed in your system.
> Ah, perhaps I'm just being obtuse, but, why create them if they exist?
> That certainly seems strange.  Wouldn't it make more sense to create
> them only on a new install?

`dpkg -L base-files' shows that:

*) /cdrom exist if you have base-files_2.1.5 installed.
*) /cdrom does not exist if you have base-files_2.1.6 installed.

So in 2.1.6, this directory is no longer part of the .deb package itself.

Without the extra code in preinst and postinst, if you upgrade from 2.1.5
to 2.1.6, dpkg would automatically remove whatever directories are part of
the .deb in 2.1.5 but not part of the .deb in 2.1.6.

[ See base-files.preinst and base-files.postinst for details ].


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