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Re: Rumination on the new list idea, another take

shaleh@clifford.livenet.net writes:

> Hmm, pondering complaints people give about the mailing list I wonder, could
> debian.org host a nntp server for the debian lists?

I would like to second (third?) this.  Nntp is more efficient and
practical for the sorts of group discussions we have.  Read-only
gateways are a hassle to deal with, and mailing lists are even more of
a hassle, IMO.  Plus, it would provide automatic archiving.  And spam
could be canceled, rather than mailed to everyone and archived for all

I'd subscribe to a whole lot more debian lists if they were available
through a writable nntp server.  I might even hang out on -user and
help the newbies once in a while if it didn't involve tripling my
already high mail burden.

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