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Resigning from SPI board

After considerable thought, and consultation with other board members, I
have decided to step down from the board of SPI. The primary motivation
for doing this is a desire to be able to put more energy into other
projects which have been left adrift. Being a board member of SPI has
turned out to be more work than I had anticipated, and instead of the load
getting lighter with time, it seems to have gotten heavier at a time when
I can least affort the additional effort.

I have a major committment to the LSB committee, and while I don't rate
that committment above that to SPI, it seems that there is more productive
work for me to do for LSB than I can provide for SPI. The needs of the LSB
committee are ramping up also, and there actually seems to be a need for
my help.

While I admit that the difficulties I have had in recent weeks with both
board members and non-board members have added weight to the scales of
leaving SPI, I hope everyone realizes that I do not give up this easily
when my ideas are challenged. You will continue to hear what I think, I
will just have more freedom to speak my mind as a non-board member.

It is my understanding that Nils will step into the Secretary position,
and the board will seak a new Treasurer. This will, most likely, need to
be someone who resides in the US, is a citizen, and can talk with the
banks holding our accounts.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, and
for giving me this opportunity to help resolve the tangled mess that the
outgoing board left in our hands. My only regret is that I could not do
more to those ends. I leave, feeling confident that the remaining board
will find the resolve to put SPI on a proper footing.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve,

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