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Re: German Dictionary (fwd)

On 28 Apr 1999, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> > Do you have any idea to do the 7/8-Bit conversion with this tools?
> I'm not completely sure, how this could work (neither with perl nor
> with other programs). Searching for "Straße" is trivial, but what
> about a search for "Strasse"?
That's exactly the problematic case I had in mind.

> Maybe the program should search for
> "Stra(ß|ss|sz)e" (RegExp) in this case and when finding a match do a
> reverse check.
And that's the perl solution I thought about.  Are grep/sed clever
enough to find this?
> This isn't trivial because there are words like "Massen" vs. "Maßen"
> (the latter one should be written as "Maszen" when using 7bit)...
We should initiate the second step of the "Rechtschreibreform" :).
Now after many dictionaries are selled the printing industry will
be happy about this idea to get new dictionaries and educational
books printed.  Sorry, couldn't insist to blame the stupid new
German orthography.

Kind regards


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