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Re: base-files (2.1.6) - installs new directories

On Sat, 24 Apr 1999, Bob Hilliard wrote:

>      My weekly update to my potato included updating base-files to
> 2.1.6.  It created three empty directories - /floppy, /cdrom, and
> /initrd.  Creating the first two of these was discussed on one of the
> mailing lists, and it is a Good Thing for new installations, but these
> mount points shouldn't be created on an update. [...]

Actually, they are not "created", they are just "re-created".

base-files_2.1.5 had them, base-files_2.1.6 has not. I have just added
some extra code in preinst and postinst so that those directories are
created again if (and only if) they previously existed in your system.

As stated in the changelog entries, I've tried to follow the principle of
least surprise here.

> Most, if not all,
> users will have their own preferred mount points already in place.
>      What is the purpose of the empty directory /initrd?

Initial ramdisk, I think (sorry, I'm not an expert on ramdisks).


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