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Re: KDE debs

Quoting John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>:

> Are there any .debs for SLINK users?  Specifically, Alpha Slink users?
> :-)
> If not, where can I find the source in Debian format (orig, dsc, diff)?

yes. (for i386)

I'll get the non .deb files that I used uploaded when I get a chance (will be
this evening ) so that ppl can build for other arch's.  I'll be more than happy
to store the resulting .deb's for ppl so that all can access them.  

I've got slink and potato versions (i386) built currently. As well as qt 1.44...
I've also built a few other things for slink just for easy of access for ppl I
deal with. (apache 1.3.6, php 3.0.7, pilot-link 0.9.0...basically packages that
interact with packages I maintain)


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