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Re: How to make boot-floppies work with 2.2 kernel?

On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 11:16:22AM +0200, Farzad Farid wrote:
>  I'm trying to make a version of the boot-floppies (Slink) that runs with
> a kernel 2.2.5 because I need one of the latest drivers. Unfortunately the
> rescue disk doesn't work at all (the curses interface doesn't react to
> keyboard input, some other errors...).
>  I saw in the boot-floppy sources a comment saying that some of the code
> didn't work with the 2.2 kernel serie yet and I was wondering if someone
> has had the same problems as me and knows how to solve them.

We are working on that, but we are "not there yet". For boot-floppies
related development/discussion please join debian-boot@lists.debian.org

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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