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Dealing with versioned perl-base


Note that I've sent this to both debian-devel and debian-perl but sent
the followups to debian-perl since that's where this should really be
discussed.  But since there don't seem to be anyone reading it, I'm
including debian-devel.

The problem:
Currently when perl-base is installed, it only installs
/usr/bin/perl.dist and mv's this to /usr/bin/perl in the postinst.  When
it's removed/replaced, it ln's perl.dist to perl.  This is so that
package preinst and postrm scripts that are written in Perl can still
run while perl-base is being replaced.

Well, this causes problems when there is more than one possible
perl-base installed.  I was considering have a designated perl-base
which would be the only one.  This would be good from a standpoint of
only having the one essential perl package and make it easier on me.
But it would suck for the users since they wouldn't be able to only use
a different version.

My current idea that I'm floating is to replace the current (from

(cd /usr/bin; test -f perl.dist || ln perl perl.dist)

with something a little more complex.  First, it would do a readlink to
find out if the current version being replaced is the version that is
linked to /usr/bin/perl in /etc/alternatives.  If it's not, it doesn't
worry about it.  If it is, it removes the symlink, makes a hard link
from perl to perl-=version=, and notes which version is current.
(mostly likely with a dangling symlink to the version-number.)  This
should keep Perl around for postrms and preinsts.  During the postinst,
the reverse would occur.

Does this sound like a viable idea?

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