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xmem rides again!

So, I got tired of not having an xmem, and I can't believe I'm the
only one irked by its sudden dissappearance under mysterious
circumstances (someone saw ESR, Bruce and RMS lurking around the place
where it was last known to have been seen, on a grassy knoll).

Therefore, I took the source package from a bo system, and hacked the
snot out of it, and have something that appears to work!  I'm going to
give it the version number 1.9 if no one objects.  The old version was
1.11 or something...

David N. Welton            <   Sors immanis - et inanis - rota tu volubilis,
davidw@prosa.it            >  status malus - vana salus - semper dissolubilis,
http://www.efn.org/~davidw <   obumbrata - et velata - michi quoque niteris;
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