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Re: Unknown accounts

Quoting Jason Gunthorpe (jgg@ualberta.ca):
> As promised here is a list of accounts on our machines that I cannot find
> public keys for and cannot personally explain their presence, can someone
> elighten me? All of these are on the chopping block and will be terminated
> 'eventually'

>  Key Missing: Todd Lewis <tlewis@debian.org>

Todd is an admin/developer at Mindspring and probably one of the most
active Debian proponents in the mostly FreeBSD dominated ISP.
He is AFIAK also one of the reasons why Mindspring is hosting 

>  Key Missing: Mike Neuffer <mike@debian.org>

Yes, I never added my key, never got around to do it nor did I really need to.
Some years ago Simon Shapiro and I were hosting and maintaining master at 
i-connect.net. At that time it was also ftp/lists/www/cgi.debian.org
and functions were slowly beeing split out from it and moved to additional 

At that time Debian grew from around 90 to >250 developers. 

I am still following Debian closely, but I have neither time nor interest
in the politics anymore. It cost me far too much time, nerves and money
during that time.

At the moment I am more or less only a user, but if I have a compelling 
reason I will become more active again.


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