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Re: Unknown accounts

On Sat, Apr 24, 1999 at 17:42:47 -0600, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> As promised here is a list of accounts on our machines that I cannot find
> public keys for and cannot personally explain their presence, can someone
> elighten me?

Several of them belong to maintainers from before the time PGP keys became

Here are the results of a little zegrepping in changelogs:

>  Key Missing: Chris Fearnley <cjf@debian.org>

Contributor to debmake (/usr/doc/debmake/changelog.gz).

>  Key Missing:   <espi@debian.org>
>  Key Missing:   <trout@debian.org>

Backup/test accounts for Joel Klecker and James Troup?

>  Key Missing: Bill Mitchell <mitchell@debian.org>

Former maintainer of ae (/usr/doc/ae/changelog.Debian.gz), bc
(/usr/doc/bc/changelog.Debian.gz), diff

>  Key Missing: Maatern Boekhold <boekhold@debian.org>

Misspelled. Should be "Maarten Boekhold". ?Involved in the linux-security
mailing list?

>  Key Missing: Andreas Schwab <schwab@debian.org>

Upstream contributer to gcc, automake, bash and other FSF software.

>  Key Missing: Patrick Weemeeuw <weemeeuw@debian.org>

Former PAM maintainer. (/usr/doc/libpam0g/changelog.Debian.gz)

>  Key Missing: David Morris <bweaver@debian.org>

Contributer to dpkg's manuals (/usr/doc/dpkg/changelog.manuals.gz).

>  Key Missing: Stephen Pitts <pitts2@debian.org>

Former mutt maintainer (/usr/doc/mutt/changelog.Debian.gz), biff

>  Key Missing: Mike Neuffer <mike@debian.org>

Former developer, sysadmin of master.

>  Key Missing: Carl Streeter <streeter@debian.org>

Former maintainer (e.g. of perl), contributer to dpkg.

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