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Re: PGP keys without system accounts

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
>I have been working on the developer database and have merged in the pgp
>keyring. This involved matching all 465 keys with an account on
>master.debian.org. I have matched all but 26 of these keys - I would be
>greatfull if anyone could tell me what to do with them. Some look very
>old, they may have left the project and someone removed them from the
>passwd file and not the keyring, or perhaps their gecos information simply
>is not present. The gpg key list imports without errors.


>pub   768R/45B61C29 1997-02-27 tjrc1 <tjrc1@scalopus.bio.cam.ac.uk>
>     Key fingerprint = C6 EE 62 66 41 75 67 98  35 5B 97 3F 87 5F F2 CD


>pub  1024R/BC5D2B2D 1996-06-13 Jonathan K. Rabone
>     Key fingerprint = 3F 93 2E 7E C7 5B 19 59  20 1F 29 06 F9 2E DA 2C
>uid                            Jonathan K. Rabone <jkr@debian.org>
>uid                            Jonathan K. Rabone <jkr@master.debian.org>

Hmmm. Both of these are still around, and both appear to have
accounts/home directories on master. Although both are listed by finger as
"Never logged in." I'm copying them with this - they both have chiark


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