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PGP keys without system accounts

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca>:
> pub  1024R/7D7070A9 1997-11-28 Lars Wirzenius building Debian/Alpha
> automatically <liw@iki.fi>
>      Key fingerprint == B1 AC D9 05 F5 E3 1D 63  DC B4 76 93 8C E3 22 6F
> pub  1024R/4CBA92D1 1995-09-26 Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>
>      Key fingerprint == E7 FA 89 85 6D 9B 78 1D  F5 30 EB FB D8 11 CA 3F
> uid                            Lars Wirzenius <wirzeniu@cs.helsinki.fi>

It is true that I don't have an account on master. I do not want an account
on master.

Having an account means being responsible for it: one must pick a good
password, keep track of it, change it periodically, check the account
periodically that nothing funny is happening with it, and so on. This 
responsibility is a burden. Since I do not need an account on master for
uploads, and do not need the account for anything else either, why should
I accept the unnecessary burden? So far, the only reason anyone has
indicated is Debian bureaucracy, and that's not a valid reason to me.

If it makes your life easier, create a username liw on master, but do not
enable it (disable the password, change the shell to /bin/cat, and whatever
else you want), but do not make me responsible for it.

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