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Re: suggestion for educational software section

>> "JL" == John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:

[ Sorry about reacting to such an old thread, but I forgot to answer
this question :-) ]

JL> *Martin Bialasinski wrote:
>> >> "JL" == John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:

>> it. Then we add a Purpose: filed (beside the Section: filed) to the
>> control file, and voilà, a package can belong to multiple sections.
>> We even have proof of concept implementations for this.

JL> What is that ?

Patrik Rak made the posts on this list (they have "debcat" in the
subject, if you want to look them up in the archiv) suggesting this
Purpose: field and he posted a app to parse and use this field.

I played a bit with it and rewrote it to use the existing Dpkg perl
modules for parsing.

I added the field to some of the packages, so you can see how it could
look like at

(take a look at x11, games, web and dialup (new category by me)).

I can imaging a category GNOME and Help as well.

One of the apt guys said, it would be al right with apt as well, as it 
would just add another view to the existing alphabetic ordering.

The only difficult thing is to create and maintain the categories. We
have to decide what categories to use and who should be able to add
new ones. 

JL> The other thing people suggested was a more flexible logical
JL> structure, something along the lines of keywords, so that package
JL> directories can be built to suit different needs.  We need to
JL> think about two years from now when there are 10,000 packages in
JL> the distribution.

I am somewhat opposed to keywords, as you can search for a category
and I never use one of the keywords of a package when I search for it
(Murpy at its best :-(


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