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Re: suggestion for educational software section

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:
>*cjt@engr.uark.edu wrote:
>> I think that debian should make a software section specifically for
>> educational software. 
>does a science tool that is suitable for education go into 'science' or
>'education' ?

Exactly.  For most purposes, I think "education" would be the wrong
category.  If it's a science tool, then put it under "science".
Otherwise, we would have to draw artificial distinctions, like saying
that material for grammar schools goes under "education", but that for
higher grades can go under "science".  Or maybe the threshold should
be between high school and college.  Messy.

Keywords have been suggested several times.  I do not think they would
help much.  You would then have a big keyword management problem.
Would you expect that if 'foo' is one of the official keywords, then
*all* packages relevant to 'foo' list it as a keyword?  If so, then
every time someone wants to add a keyword, we would have to review all
the existing programs to see which of them should also be using it.
If not, then wouldn't it make more sense to just treat every word in
the package description as a keyword (i.e. descriptions should be
searchable with apt)?

Also: dselect will show you each package exactly once.  I would really
*not* like to see system that showed packages once for each relevant
keyword.  That would instantly triple or quadruple the time needed for
an installation.

			- Jim Van Zandt

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