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logos :help! I begin a work

# Please refer to my previous message

Mitch Blevins wrote:
> Stunningly good idea!  Unfortunately, it does not help unless you have
> an actual graphic to vote on.  I hope some artist picks up this idea
> and submits it.
# Specially for Mitch Blevins

Thanks for giving me your advice. You're right : that makes no sense if
there is no creation.
So I begin the work.

# For everybody

But, because I'm an amateur drawer, it will take some time until I can
send a draft. If I can't manage with the job, I will tell.

So, I have put below the description of two proposals. If you like some
or the whole ideas, feel free to pick up the ones you want yours talents
to deal with :-)

*FIRST PROPOSAL * # Please refer to the previous message

There will be two logos : the one with Don Quichotte for the pure
GNU/Debian ( to which I refer as DEBIAN), and the one with Sancho Panca
for the extras ( to wich I refer as DEBIAN FRIENDLY). The two figures
will be positionned left to right ( obviously, because this is the
direction of european writing; thus, we feel this is the direction of

DEBIAN : at the bottom, in a bold, higher than larger font : DEBIAN. On
this kind of pedestal, the angular stylized silhouette of Don Quichotte
de la Manche ( DQM) on his mount ( a horse ... or a GNU ? But I'm not
quite sure that GNUs will appreciate to be compared with Rossinante
...). DQM has his recognizable attributes : the barber's basin and the
spear. A stylized sun at the top left.
The main color of DQM will be blue ( in my mind, the colour of the
reason, except when used by Europe (TM) : in this case, this is the
colour of vaccuum!).

DEBIAN FRIENDLY : at the bottom, the same DEBIAN inscription. On the
upper right of DEBIAN, smaller : FRIENDLY. On this kind of pedestal with
a stair, the round stylized silhouette of Sancho Panca on his donkey,
with his recognizable attributes : a round hat and a stick on the
shoulder with a bundle. The two rears legs of the donkey are on DEBIAN,
the two front on the stair made by FRIENDLY ( The symbol is clear,
The main color of Sancho and the donkey will be the green ( soustractive
synthesis of the blue - see above - and the yellow of gold ?).

PROS : In my opinion, everything.

CONS : logically, nothing if the previous proposition is right.
	But the problem is the realisation. It is not difficult to do a bad
work, and to become a serial patcher.
	Beauty has something to deal with simplicity : in science, computing,
or drawing the best result is the smaller and simpler set of axiomes  ||
lines of coding || lines, that fits the subject ( It was Einstein's
policy, and I think this is part of Debian's too).
	It's much more difficult, but I think it's worth trying : Ad augusta
per angusta...


There will be only *one* logo, the distinction between DEBIAN and DEBIAN
FRIENDLY being made by a 180 degrees rotation.

EXPLANATION : the logo will take the look of a playing card, with two
mirroring figures : the half top of DQM, and the half top of Sancho,
like the Kings on the cards.
Suit : heart (obvious)
The names of the "Kings", written on each upper side : DEBIAN for DQM,
and DEBIAN FRIENDLY for Sancho.

DESCRIPTION : Don Quichotte has his recognizables attributes : the
barber's basin and the spear. He holds the spear with his left hand. The
half spear goes from the middle point of the card to the upper right
corner. Don Quichotte's right hand goes to the middle point, where he
holds Sancho's right hand.
	Sancho has his recognizable attributes : a round hat and a stick with a
bundle. The stick continues DQM's half spear from the midlle point to
the lower left corner ( if the card is in the DEBIAN position). He holds
the stick with his left hand, the right one shaking DQM's.

PROS 	- the half card ( DEBIAN or DEBIAN FRIENDLY) will keep a full
	- In my opinion, more easy to draw ( I will cowardly begin by this
proposal, because time is short, and I think it's more easily under my
reach ...)
	- There can be a slogan : PLAY THE DEBIAN'S CARD !
and, also, for example : MICROSOAP PLAYS THE DEBIAN'S CARD , for the

CONS	- The aim is to have a logo that remains readable even if the
printing is small : it will be more difficult with a very ornate logo ;
	- The aspect "play" is perhaps in opposition with the spirit ;
	- The two figures have a head-dress : I don't think it will be a great
idea to fill them up with red :-)
	- I'm not quite sure with my slogan !

	I'm a newby (I'm in Debian's nursery : that's why I do drawings ; when
I become older, I will learn to write - good programs ..)
	So, with my brand new Wacom's Intuos tablet, I'm not quite sure I will
be brave enough to get the beta drivers, to compile the whole source of
XFree86, to try to convince X not committing suicide, etc, just in order
to do the work with the Gimp.
	On the other hand, if somebody can give me the description of the whole
process, so that I can read, sent the task in the background of my
backbone, keeping my mind free for the aim, I will appreciate :-)

Thanks for reading.

Please remember : I'm a french native speaker : don't tell me to write a
best english text in the futur, my best is the above !

Mon Dieu, protegez-moi de mes amis,
Mes ennemis, je m'en charge !
adr:;;10, Rue du Bel Air;ANNECY;;74000;FRANCE

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