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Re: savelog can lose data

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999, Neil Schemenauer wrote:

> There is a problem with savelog.  The current log file should not
> be moved.  Compressing it removes the original file.  If a
> program holds this file open and writes to it after it is removed
> then that data is lost.  A lot of data could be lost this way.
> This could happen even if the initial backup is not compressed.
> The current method assumes that programs periodicly reopen their
> log files.  IMHO, that is not a good assumption.

Uh.. excuse me if this dense, but why would the process still be writing
to the .0 file?  This file has already been rotated (i.e. it is already
once removed from the "active" logfile).  I've been running some fairly
high volume sendmail gateways for about 3 years now and have never noticed
a problem.  By the time that the .0 file -> .1.gz, it should be be quite

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