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DFSG Macromedia Director File?

Here is a funny (funny-strange and funny-haha) message I have received.
I'm not really sure how to answer it and would like to get opinions from
this list.

It is from an individual who responded to an offer on the Free Software
Bazaar http://visar.csustan.edu/bazaar/bazaar.html for a typing tutor
for kids.  I am unfamiliar with the tools he is using to create the
program, and I have been unable/unwilling to go thru the trouble to
dig up a Netscape plugin that can try this game, although he claims
that the file can be saved as Java (I assume binary, not source).

So the first questions are practical:

1) Anybody know of Free tools that can manipulate Macromedia Director files?
2) Anybody know of a Free(DFSG) plugin that can play it?

The next questions are meant to create long, drawn-out, off-topic discussions:

3) Is software Free if the tools to manipulate it are not?
4) Is software Free if the supporting software or platform needed to run
   it is not?

Number 3 above seems obvious, but I am not sure about number 4.  Because
VIM for WindowsNT seems Free to me, even though it only runs on a
non-Free platform.

Any comments/links welcome.


----- Forwarded message from scott -----

Matt and Mitch,

You both have a request posted on the free software bazaar about "A fun typing 
tutor game aimed at young kids."  I have a shockwave program at:


which I would be more than happy to edit to fit your specifications and/or give 
you the source code for.

I don't think I completely understand the rules of the free software bazaar.  
I'm not sure if the software must be in a programming language (I can save this 
file as java if you prefer) or if it can be something else like a Macromedia 
Director file.  I also don't know if I am supposed to submit this somewhere, or 
if emailing you is the proper method of offering my work.

Please take a look at the file and let me know if you are interested.

I am, etc.

----- End forwarded message -----

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