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Re: DFSG Macromedia Director File?

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>>>>> "Mitch" == Mitch Blevins <mblevin@debian.org> writes:


    Mitch> 1) Anybody know of Free tools that can manipulate
    Mitch> Macromedia Director files?

    Mitch> 2) Anybody know of a Free(DFSG) plugin that can play it?

Sorry, can't help you there, other than refer you to freshmeat (though
I'd wager this is not something you need to be told).

    Mitch> The next questions are meant to create long, drawn-out,
    Mitch> off-topic discussions:

    Mitch> 3) Is software Free if the tools to manipulate it are not?

    Mitch> 4) Is software Free if the supporting software or platform
    Mitch> needed to run it is not?

Yes, long, drawn out... can we move this to debian-discuss?  (HINT to
the list managers)

    Mitch> Number 3 above seems obvious, but I am not sure about
    Mitch> number 4.  Because VIM for WindowsNT seems Free to me, even
    Mitch> though it only runs on a non-Free platform.

In what way is 3 obvious for you?  My first reaction is, "No, it's not
free when the tools are not".  But on second thought... let's build a

  You have an app A that is actually a binary data file for some other
  app B (like B=MMDirector, A=TypingTuto).

  Now app B is non-free.  =>  app A is also non-free.

  But what if app B can be cloned as a free app, without any technical
  or legal problems (app A does't depend on any proprietary hardware
  and the structure of app B (the data file) is not protected by any
  copyright or similar).

  Come to think of it... we have (or rather, had) such a case before
  (I think): what about Java?  Without a free Java runtime, are free
  Java programs still free?

I'd consider such an pseudo-app non-free as long as no free
interpreter (and manipulator) were being done.  The free replacement
would not have to be finished, but in the process of being done.


Bye, J

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