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Intent to package: roxen modules

Since I use Roxen as my main webserver on all the machines I
install, and have a quite like for it, I want to package some
Roxen modules by various people. I found them at:


The modules I will package up first are:

		Ad banner rotation module for the Roxen Challenger web
		server.  It has the following features:
		- Random adbanner rotation.
		- Ad banner hit count.
		- Ad banner reference ("click through") count.
		- A "subdirectory" mechanism for having distinct groups
		  of Ad banners.
		- A cheesy web based administration interface.

		A quite complex  directory module. Generates macintosh
		like listings.

		A simple generic guestbook

		(can't remember what this was :)

		Roxen Photo Album Module

		Roxen User Poll Modules

		Switch module for Roxen/1.2alpha and up.  If "switched
		on", it will reply all requests (with some exceptions)
		the HTTP status code and text configured in it.

		This is  a _TELNET_ proxy  module for Roxen.   It will
		allow you  to work around sites having  a firewall but
		_NOT_ for  HTTP (like my university :P).   Using it is
		very  simple,  just add  it  to  your virtual  server,
		(i.e. foo.bar.org, port 80), then

			$ telnet foo.bar.org 80
			GET telnet://some.other.host.com
		(notice the  _double_ carriage return),  and you'll be
		connected to the host.  You  can specify a port as

			GET telnet://some.other.host.com:12345

		And you're in business.

		Gives   a    <thumbnail>   tag   which    displays   a
		resized/cached image

		Token File System module for the Roxen Web Server

		We wrote this  as we wanted to be  able to sell access
		to a directory tree based on Paying per view.

		This module is  meant to "shut off" (in  a similar way
		to the  switch module)  parts of the  server's virtual
		filesystem  if  the  server is  experiencing  overload
		conditions.   Currently   to  determine  the  overload
		status the  server uses the system's  load average via
		the "uptime"  command. If it exceeds  a threshold, the
		request  is  denied with  a  "server overloaded"  HTTP
		error message.  Future  versions could assume the role
		of  a rough traffic  shaper too.   The module  is also
		fairly  simple, and  can be  easily customized  to fit
		particular purposes.

		Mail-Reader for Roxen (aka imho and Hotmail).

There where some more modules at the site (see above) that I will package
up eventually, when I feel like it... :)

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