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Re: Intent to package: roxen modules

>>>>> "Turbo" == Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org> writes:

    Turbo> Since I use Roxen as my main webserver on all the machines
    Turbo> I install, and have a quite like for it, I want to package
    Turbo> some Roxen modules by various people.

Is it okay to add 'roxen-module-' before each package name, to make
it clear that it is a roxen module? There is atleast one name clash
othervise, 'watchdog' (=> 'roxen-module-watchdog' etc)

Since 'imho' (IMAP Mail HOst for Roxen) is also a Roxen module, I
really should rename that package to... But it already exists in
main... Should I keep it under the current name, or how do I rename
a existing package, and make apt realize that if a user have already
installed imho, it should get 'roxen-module-imho' instead?

The extended-directories module migth already be in the standard
Roxen installation. I'll double check that the next time I come online.

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