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Re: a history question

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Will Lowe wrote:

> > When was Debian distribution first named "Debian GNU/Linux"?
> > Was it while the FSF was sponsoring the project?
> I think it was summer of 1997 -- I remember Bruce wanting to change the
> name from "Debian Linux" to "Debian GNU/Linux" to make RMS happy,  and
> there being a fair amount of fuss over it.
> A quick search of the -devel mailinglist archives don't show anything.
> Maybe it was on -private ...

This was the second time the distribution was named Debian GNU/Linux.
Josip's question was about the first time :-)

[ As far as I know, Debian was just "Debian Linux" sometime between the
  first time and the second time, when Debian and FSF broke relations ].


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