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Intent to package gaspell

To quote from the README:

Gnome frontend to the Aspell library.  Or put another way a simple
spell checker that does a way better job than ispell does with coming
up with suggestions.

This is acatualy the (fairly common) intent-to-package in the past tense.
It's already all packaged up, and sitting in /usr/src.  It won't be uploaded
for a while, though, as I'm not a registered developer (and have to get
sombody to scan some ID (and find some ID) before applying).  I have two
concerns, though:

1.  This package is being built with the GNOME libraries in the staging
area.  Should I do a source-only upload and build on master, or should I
depend on the staging area... or should I upload to the staging area and not
the main queue?

2.  This package is going to depend on a version of libaspell1 (>= 2.27.1),
that isn't in the distrib yet (though I've seen the upload announcement
twice).  How non-kosher is this (IE is that alright for unstable), and does
anybody know why libaspell1's newest upload isn't in the Packages file yet?

Hmm, and I think there's a bug already (upstream).

	-=- James Mastros
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makes you more human then any of us."
	-=- Lt. Tasha Yar, upon the occasion of her death.

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