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Re: Cool logo!

On Tue, Apr 13, 1999 at 05:16:41PM -0700, Chris Waters wrote:

> Avery Pennarun <apenwarr@worldvisions.ca> writes:
> > Anyway, Raul's is nice too, but this one really grabs me.  Any shape
> > that can look like a D, a G, and an L all at the same time gets bonus
> > points :)
> Sounds like a nice image (I'm too lazy to go view it), but I don't
> think we want to have a "G" *or* an "L" associated with Debian.  We're
> not Linux specific and we're not even GNU specific (even if we only do
> GNU systems right now).
> Debian is the project, GNU/Linux is one of our products.  It may never
> happen, but a non-GNUish Debian *BSD is not out of the question.  Just
> as an example.  And then there's my long-term plans for a Debian
> Plan9clone....  :-)

People keep saying that, but I can't imagine it really happening.  If in
fact we ended up supporting *BSD kernels (as the undying thread continues to
suggest) it would still be mostly GNUish userspace.  That was the point of
GNU/Linux in the first place.

And the L is not really an L, as it turns out.  Go figure.

Remember, IBM made a grand-master chess-playing program, and Microsoft makes
mice and keyboards.  Their _names_ don't even match, never mind their logos.

In the event that Debian ever makes something other than Debian (whew, that
would be confusing anyway), we can always have a different logo for that. 

This DG is too cool to pass up.  Plus, as with the chicken, we get the
pleasure of telling people it's not what it looks like.  "I tell you, there
is no L!  How can you possibly see an L there?  Why do people keep saying

Have fun,


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