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Re: Packages to give away

Randolph Chung wrote:
> > hypermail, difficult maintained upstream
> there's a new version of hypermail ("hypermail2") that is maintained upstream.
> have you looked into it? i might be interested in maintaining the new version
> (possibly replacing the old).... what do others think?

That's what I called 'difficult'.  There is a new upstream maintainer,
Kent Landfield, http://www.landfield.com/hypermail/ but he doesn't find
enough time so one of the team, Daniel Stenberg, worked on it and
put up a new branch. *sigh*

If you use this, you HAVE TO ensure that ALL Debian patches will
be present in the Debian version AGAIN.  If they're not included
upstream, please contact the upstream maintainer.  I've sent all
my patches upstream but have experienced difficulties with writing
to the list, originally I was a member of the new programmers team
but haven't found enough time to fulfil this job.



Let's call it an accidental feature.  --Larry Wall

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