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Re: Intent to adopt: info

Robin Stephenson wrote:
> >> > I could rename GNU info to ginfo, and set up alternatives,
> >> 
> >> This only works when the various versions are called
> >> command-line-wise in the same way. If they're not, a front end is
> >> needed.
> Josip> I thought that the prefered info browser could be invoked as
> Josip> 'info', /usr/bin/info. What did you have in mind, with 'front
> Josip> end'?
> How about using gnuclient to start a new info browser frame on an
> already running Emacs?  That would look something like this (not
> tested, in fact, definitely won't work, but I hope you get the idea):
>     gnuclient -f '(progn (make-frame) (info) (Info-goto-node xemacs))'
> You'd need to have some way of deciding to do that, rather than simply 
> running this:
>     info xemacs

Which leads into making /usr/bin/info maintained by update-alternatives
and some emacs packages providing info scripts.



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