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Yesterday the 1.0 beta 4 version of kaffe (a Virtual Machine for Java)
was announced.  I have been having some problems with certain
applications under 1.0b3 so I picked up the 1.0b4 sources and did a
compilation on my machine.  I imagine that Ean will soon be making
a Debian package but I decided not to wait.

 make check
on my Debian 2.2 (unstable) system is not encouraging.  It fails 74 of
the 80 tests in the make check.  Has anyone else gotten this to pass
its tests? 

A more general question is what Java environments are people using
under Debian 2.2 with glibc2.1?  Both jdk1.1 and jdk1.2 are not
running for me.  Kaffe 1.0b3 is running but the results are different
from those obtained under jdk1.2 on other systems.  It isn't a good
sign that kaffe-1.0b4 fails so many of its tests.

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