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Re: [Fwd: installation scripts?]

Xavier writes:
>  We have been thinking this idea for some time now. There has been
>  some discussion abour this on the debian-admin list, but they are
>  aiming at a very well thought out system which will take some time to
>  write. My idea is to make something simpler and worst so we can have
>  it in a short time (a script), until a final solution comes out.

I would very much like to see an automated installation method for
Debian.  I suggest that people check out Red Hat's "kickstart" method,
which requires little more than preparing a plain text file describing
the desired system.

I can send copies of the Red Hat documentation file README.ks to
anyone who is interested.  (It's a bit long to post.)

One anomaly: they seem to assume the computer only has one hard disk.
At least I don't see any mention of volume names.

	      - Jim Van Zandt

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