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Re: Making the Info system FHS-compliant

> If there are not many of them, maybe we should backport fixed versions of
> them into stable, so that we can complete the Info transition to FHS in
> potato (if we actually agree that we should not go any further until there
> are no packages using the --infodir option, I mean).

ok, just to add the element of controversial ugly hack to the discussion ;),
i shall propose an ugly hack. please note that i don't consider it a good
idea before flaming me.

if we really think --infodir is evil, we could make the potato dpkg
pre-depend on a new version of install-info which ignores --infodir, so that
we wouldn't need to delay fhs compliance until woody (by which time there
will inevitably be a new standard and thus fhs compliance will be useless,
so we'll have another half-compliant release and wonder about how to migrate
to whoosie). personally i think we should just make the no --infodir rule
policy and a lintian error and hope that there are no packages using it at
the time of potato release, and proceed with the rest of the steps in
santiago's info proposal (the rest of which is, i think, very good).

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