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Re: gcj & libgcj

David Welton wrote:
> This looks really neat, even if it is not by any means a complete
> implementation.  It's a front end for ecgs enabling it to compile Java
> to native code.
> I'll work on packaging it in a few weeks, if I have time, and if no
> one else has claimed it.  Gcj itself is supposed to be part of ecgs -
> is that indeed the case with our ecgs (I don't currently have access
> to an unstable system) ?

No. GCJ is a part of the unstable series of egcs, and has never been in
a release. I don't believe it's possible to package it without packaging
unstable gcc with it, and g++ and libstdc++ if you want C++
compatibilty. You might want to check it out with the egcs maintainters
<egcs@packages.debian.org> first, as it is stepping into their area, and
they might want to handle it another way or give you advice on how to
handle it.
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