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Re: RFC: bug #25829: svgatextmode: should be started at boot time, not at level switch

On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 03:37:13AM +0930, Ron wrote:
> Can anybody provide a good argument for why SVGATextMode *should* be invoked
> at each runlevel change?

Not me!

> I am considering making this change (thus closing this bug) in the NMU
> I posted intent to do earlier..  what do people think?  If consensus is this
> is a bad idea, then we can probably close this bug anyway ;-)

NMUs should only mark the bug as "fixed" (change the status of the bug and
the subject). Only maintainers can mark the bug as "closed".  I don't know
what happens to orphaned packages - i.e. those maintained by the QA group.


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