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RFC: bug #25829: svgatextmode: should be started at boot time, not at level switch

This bug report requests:

I believe the proper moment for starting this tool is via
/etc/init.d/rcS.d/S40svgatextmode, i.e., during boot, not at runlevel

The README.Debian says:

SVGATextMode is now started from /etc/init.d/svgatextmode instead of from
rc.boot.  This allows it to set default font even if the fonts are located on
a partition that is not mounted early in the boot process.

Starting SVGATextMode from /etc/rcS.d/S40...  would mean that it is run
after the main mount process S35mountall.sh

Can anybody provide a good argument for why SVGATextMode *should* be invoked
at each runlevel change?

I am considering making this change (thus closing this bug) in the NMU
I posted intent to do earlier..  what do people think?  If consensus is this
is a bad idea, then we can probably close this bug anyway ;-)


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