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Re: DFSG non-free packages in non-US

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Fumitoshi UKAI wrote:

>I'm a member of Debian JP Project. Now, we, Debian JP Project, are 
>creating cdimages of Debian CD-ROM sets with Debian JP Packages.
>We'd like to create DFSG free version of cdimages and would like to
>include non-US as much as possible.  However, we've noticed some 
>packages in non-US do not follow DFSG! see our investigation at 
>  http://www.debian.or.jp/~hattas/copyright_slink_non-US.html

Yes, that's correct.

>So slink_cd script without some modifications could not create DFSG free 
>cdimages including non-US (in Japan), we needs some hacks.
>Yes, we understand ./slink_cd non-us non-free will create images including
>non-free packages, but why ./slink_cd non-us will create images including
>non-free packages in non-US?  README for slink_cd does not warn about this.
>Is this no problem? 
>We think non-US repository should be also managed like Debian main 
>distribution, that is, packages in non-US should be separated with 
>main, contrib and non-free.

Agreed 100% - this is exactly why we didn't create any images containing
non-US, the licenses on a lot of the non-US packages are unclear. There
has already been some discussion on separating non-US into free and
non-free components, and it will hopefully happen soon.

>And slink_cd script should have options to create DFSG free non-US and/or
>non-free non-US.

Probably, yes. But for now I'm not clear on some of the licenses and the
easiest way to do things is for the end-user to decide on them and include
as appropriate.

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