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Re: Strange PCMCIA/Ethernet <-> pppd interactions

> 2. have the PPP system (pon/poff) juggle with the default routes
> when there is some other interface active (if you start pppd you
> want the packets go trough it, right?)

heh... don't be so sure. the slackware box downstairs (it's a family
machine, was installed in '94, and isn't used enough to warrant upgrading)
in my house is used to telecommute in a funny arrangement: cable modem for
most of the stuff, but kodak has a firewall so you can only get through with
their telephone isp. i had to write a whole maze of things that will add and
remove the correct lines from the routing table and resolv.conf so that all
internet traffic goes thru eth0, but anything to those subnets behind the
firewall (which refuse to use something easy like 192.168.*.* despite the
fact that they are in fact behind a firewall) goes through ppp0. of course
that's mostly irrelevant, and if anyone has a setup more complicated than
one interface at a time they can probably pay the extra work.

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