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Re: Strange PCMCIA/Ethernet <-> pppd interactions

brian@debian.org (Brian Mays) writes:

> > Running:
> >
> >       ifconfig eth0 down
> >
> > solves the problem, but finding a transparent solution would be nicer.
> Is the network connection busy when you are ejecting your PCMCIA network
> card?  Do you have any NFS mounted filesystems?  Have you tried shutting
> down your Ethernet card by running
>         cardctl eject
> as root before physically ejecting your card?

While I am not the original poster, I have experienced some of the
same problems.  "cardctl eject" doesn't work for me when I want to use
my modem for a ppp connection.  The modem is on the same pcmcia card
as eth0.  In my case, I am not using NFS.  In fact, sometimes I
haven't used the ethernet connection at all.  When the card is
installed, eth0 is available, whether or not there is a network on the
other end.  Of course, I may be using the network without being aware
of it.

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