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Strange PCMCIA/Ethernet <-> pppd interactions

Hi *,

	yesterday I bought a shiny new PCMCIA Ethernet card for my
linux box and today, at the first PPP connection I discovered somehing
nasty. Again (as always) I don't know if this is a bug or a feture, so
I wait before sending bug reports to everyone involved...

	Here's the problem:

1. configure the PCMCIA system so that tthe card gets an address
(I use, we have a firewalled intranet) at insertion

2. insert the card, route reports a route to that's

3. disconnect from the ethernet network and connect a modem, 
call pppd (with a default route request, etc...) 

4a. no packet goes to the internet trough ppp0
4b. if you invoke route the command locks: that is, you can stop
it with ^C but you get no information

What's happening here?

Federico Di Gregorio                    {Friend of Penguins}
Debian GNU/Linux Developer                    fog@debian.org
Debian Italian Press Contact             press-it@debian.org
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