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Re: Slink upgrade - the pain of it !!!!!

Ian Smith <ian@beaky.force9.co.uk> writes:

> Hi all,

> [To the list]  I am posting here because I think this might be a
> potential release control problem.

> Just got my slink CDs from Linux Central, and had _loads_ of problems
> which I did not expect as I am relatively experienced with this Debian
> stuff (upgrades included).  Basically, whichever disk I tried, there
> were always 13/17Mb of packages "held back".

> I am wondering whether their images are out of date or if the twin-CD
> apt-get -f dist-upgrade is FUBAR.  As I write this, I am downloading the
> last 13Mb of my upgrade over a slow V34 dialup link at full daily rates
> :(

I'd say that it's FU but not FUBAR.  The multicd support in apt is
currently broken, you can get around it by doing multiple runs with
the "-m" option added.  (The problem is that it doesn't actually
support multiple CDs in one session.)


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