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Debian exam for the LPI certification program

  Sorry for dropping into this list: I contacted Wichert Akkerman on the
subject, and he suggested to post in this forum.

  Now that Free software is being used more and more in business, demand
is increasing for qualified GNU/Linux system administrators.  One 
conventional way of (pre)selecting qualified people is by way of a
certification program.  Already several organizations have sprung up which
offer courses, exams and certification for Linux.  I am with a grass-roots
group that seeks to develop a certification program with widest possible
support and benefits.  We started a non-profit organization (Linux
Professional Institute) that is independent of a specific vendor or
training center, but seeks input from any entity (professionals,
vendors, trainers, employers) with an interest in the development of the
professional use of GNU/Linux systems.

  Please have a look at  http://www.lpi.org/  for what we do.

  One of the planned exams will be specific for a distribution.  I invite
any of you who likes to spend some time on this effort, to join our
mailing lists (esp. linux-cert-program) to help develop a Debian-specific
exam.  As a first step, we will make an inventory of differences between

  So please take a look at our pages and subscribe by sending an e-mail to
majordomo@linuxcare.com with the message "subscribe linux-cert-program".


	Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters
		NL-1062 KD nr 149	tel.    31-204080204
 			Amsterdam	e-mail  tpeters@xs4all.nl

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