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Slink upgrade - the pain of it !!!!!

Hi all,

[To the list]  I am posting here because I think this might be a
potential release control problem.

Just got my slink CDs from Linux Central, and had _loads_ of problems
which I did not expect as I am relatively experienced with this Debian
stuff (upgrades included).  Basically, whichever disk I tried, there
were always 13/17Mb of packages "held back".

I am wondering whether their images are out of date or if the twin-CD
apt-get -f dist-upgrade is FUBAR.  As I write this, I am downloading the
last 13Mb of my upgrade over a slow V34 dialup link at full daily rates

During my struggles I tried using apt-cdrom instead of the entry in the
notes (although it was not mentioned in the release notes) and found
that all four entries it added to the sources file contained the word
"frozen" in their paths.

Can anyone else that has used Linux Central confirm or comment on this? 
On this experience I would not be inclined to recommend Debian to anyone
unless they knew at least as much as I do _and_ were prepared to spend
most of the day sorting out any problems.

I still think Debian's best by the way!

Ian Smith

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