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Re: Where is the source code for fvwm95 2.0.43a?

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Jor-el wrote:

> 	Anyway, some (but not all) of the reasons I had for stating that
> there is a source code mismatch have disappeared. The source code for
> fvwm95 has a version of 2.0.43ba tagged to it. Since 'fvwm95 -version'
> returns 2.0.43a , this was one of my reasons for saying that there is a
> mismatch. 

You should do a dpkg -l fvwm95

> 	I still have a very large mismatch in file sizes between the
> packaged up binaries, and the binaries that I built. Can someone explain
> away these (sometimes by a factor of 10) mismatches?

The binaries installed by the debian packages are stripped... no debugging
symbols. You can do the same with yours: strip <binary>

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