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Re: Where is the source code for fvwm95 2.0.43a?

On Sat, Apr 03, 1999 at 12:39:55PM -0600, Jor-el wrote:
> Daniel,
> 	I just recieved a replacement for my defective source CD from my
> vendor, and I found that the source code on the CD is for 2.0.43ba . Where
> is the source code for the version of fvwm95 that is shipped as a binary
> in Slink?
The source for the binary that is shipped with slink is in slink.  If there
is a difference in source and binary.. then there was a security update and
the binary in slink has been changed, also.
> Regards,
> Jor-el
> PS.  Technically, the source cod not being available is a violation of the
> GPL. Should I file a bug report?
Who would you file a bug against?  It's not the packages fault.  It's a
flaw (and a known flaw) in the whole install process.  If it's a problem
with the copyright holders of fvwm95, best is for them to contact the
leadership (Wichert, Richard, James and Guy) and see if they can work
something out until we get the problem solved for all GPL packages.

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