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Re: Request for packages

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> Christian Kurz wrote:
> > wmchoose is a small, but useful, X11 utility that allows a user to
> > easily choose a window manager as X starts up (via either startx or
> > xdm).  wmchoose is easily configured via an 'rc' file so that adding new
> > window managers is as simple as sticking a line in this file.
> > 
> > More information, a screenshot, and source or binary downloads can be
> > found at http://linux.umbc.edu/wmchoose/wmchoose.html
> wdm already does this.

Really?  Can a system administrator set up wdm as the default window
manager so that even those who start X with startx are presented with
the list of available window managers?  Or do you mean only that wdm
allows users to specify their window manager each time they log in via 
wdm? (I was under the impression that wdm was a replacement for xdm)

For what it's worth, whoever takes this should just integrate this
program into the menu system, so that the rc file with the names of
alternative window managers is updated automatically by update-menus.

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