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intent to package kernel-patch-2.2.x-pc98

This package contains kernel diffs for NEC PC98x1 support, which
is much the same with PC/AT using i386 and most of binaries in
binary-i386 can work on NEC PC98x1 by using the kernel built with
the diffs.

I have aleady done to debianize this package but I have a problem
with naming. For a long time in Japan, NEC PC9801 and PC9821 have
been called PC98 series, so it is appropriate that name of this
package is kernel-patch-<version>-pc98. But there is, you know, another
PC98 architecture, so this package may be misunderstood with it. I
think most of Japanese,including me, find that this packge is for
NEC's and feel this name naturally, but this causes the misunderstanding,
so I need to decide an alternaitive name for it.

My ideas are: 

or anyway using

Any comments are welcome.

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