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Re: Policy about library package names

> Almost all the new packages are naming the libraries
> lib<name><soname>{-dev}, but as I read it, there's nothing in the policy
> (section 4.3) that states this.  All it says is that the package should be
> called <libraryname><soname>{-dev}.

it's my understanding that <libraryname> means the name of the shared object
file itself, minus the .so.* . therefore, <libraryname> is always libfoo,
never foo (if you install a library with a different name, you will have
serious problems, unless you provide your own speically modified ld.so ;). i
think you are confusing libraryname with library title (or whatever the name
for that should be).

this is just mho, and should not be taken too seriously because i've never
packaged a library before, but it sounds reasonable, i think.

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