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Re: Wish for including HTML validator into Debian

In article <19990331185540.F256@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> Marcus Brinkmann writes:
>Yes, mainly that HTML is just a SGML DTD. SP can validate any documents for
>any SGML DTD.

>> May be the right thing is to package the HTML validator I mentioned
>> and make it dependend from sp and all will work well??

>That may be thre right approach.

Speaking as someone who has used SP to validate HTML in the past - the 
validator mentioned at the beinning of the thread produces *far* nicer
output then any I've seen before.

If noone packages it I'll just have to attempt to get it running in /usr/local
myself (I don't know enougth about the SGML setup on debian to package it

	- Regards, Rob.

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