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Re: Debian System Wizard

> There was talk of building some hooks into dpkg/dselect/apt/whatever
> for system upgrades, so that we could prepare for the unforeseeable.
> Basically, we would have a shell script at our disposition to fix up
> anything that needed fixing up.
> It's not a particularly clean solution though.  Theoretically, with
> all the great work Jason did on apt, we should never need anything
> like this, *but* I always have this nagging doubt that there is
> something we can't have foreseen for which it might be nice to have a
> 'bail out' hook to do arbitrary things.
> -- 
> David N. Welton               |   Fortune rota volvitur - descendo minoratus

I think it would be better as a separate package because it should only be
required for people who use unstable. We should not add extra code, with the
possibility of extra bugs, into our primary tools.

I was thinking of something a little like lintian, in having a set of tests,
with descriptions of what it has found, and a known good way to fix it.

For example I know when I install some packages I get messages about links
pointing to themselves, which I am sure are a legacy of some particular
unstable version. 

I regard these as the price of living close to the edge, and they never crop
up in my stable system (I hope). A perl script which knew (from reports from
package maintainers and users) about some of the funnies which have cropped
up, and how to fix them, would be useful to people who keep up to date
with unstable.

Such a script could incorporate some redundant library checking as well.

	John Lines

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