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Re: String.h + library from old GCC 2.6.x in Debian 2.1

On Fri, Mar 26, 1999 at 09:38:33 -0500, Doug Fields wrote:
> I have a bunch of C++ software written on a Slackware 2.1 platform with
> GCC 2.6.x from 1994. This software uses "String.h" from the libg++ and
> many of the String class functions. I've installed the "Devel" environment
> but cannot seem to find the String.h file.

> It seems that furthermore, libg++ has given way to libstdc++, which it
> seems has strings implemented differently.

Check out the README.Debian included in the gcc and g++ packages.
What you're looking for is the libg++ development package (libg++2.8*-dev). 

(String.h is a GNU extension that predates the C++ standard; 
libstdc++ implements the standard, which has a different string class)

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